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Ever wanted to have a personal coach that could teach you chess at your own pace? Chess King TV has a full collection of videos courses from Beginner Level to Club Player. Play and replay the videos till you have grasped all the concepts presented. Even download a copy of all videos for you to keep!

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Watch a preview of the most popular Chess Opening Ideas (perfect for players from Unrated to 1700 ELO)

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Get the best of both worlds by watching chess videos here and practicing on Chess King Learn on web and mobile.

  • Top Selling Videos

    The Complete Chess Course and Chess Opening Ideas videos series have brought over the years many beginners and intermediate players a good understanding of the game of chess.
  • New Chess Videos

    Several videos on Chess King TV are brand new and have never been published yet. More are in production.
  • Teamed up with Chess King Learn

    Get the best of both worlds by watching Chess Videos here and practicing on Chess King Learn on web and mobile
  • Great for Complete Beginners

    Even if you nothing about chess, the Chess King Basic Chess Moves course will teach you all you need to know in just 30 minutes
  • Chess Opening Study

    We have several chess opening courses, from the Complete Chess Course volume 1 Opening Principles, and the Chess Opening Ideas 3-volume set, and Opening volumes on the Sicilian, Caro-Kann, the Ruy Lopez and the French. The more advanced players will learn from the Traps and Tactics series for several popular openings.


Mike McDougal
I've watched all Chess King Videos by Steve Lopez and finally got a rating and improved to 1400 ELO, very happy about it. My only request would be to please make a video on the Sicilian 2...Nf6 it's a rare but fun variation.


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